Let's get intentional for 2021.

It is a New Year and I hope you have set some goals for the year.  Ensure they are big goals, massive goals.

It is better to set huge goals and only half achieve them than set small insignificant goals and reach them easily.

So how do you greatly improve your chances of achieving your goals in 2021?

By far the best way is to create a daily schedule.  This schedule needs to be very detailed and cover all of the activities that you need to accomplish.

This can include the time you are commuting to work, lunchtimes, exercise, different types of business goals.  Everything from when you start your day until you relax in the evening (you can include the evening if your big goals require it).

This amount of detail serves a number of purposes:

1/ It keeps you focussed on the tasks at hand for each and every point of the day.  This helps prevent overwhelm and procrastination when you feel that you have too much to do and don't know where to start.

2/ It keeps you on track.  Although there will be times when some tasks take longer than expected and may slip into the next time slot, it will generally ensure that all the tasks for the day will get done, and on time.  There may even be times when you finish a task early and you can jump to the next task to get ahead of schedule.

3/ There is no time wasted.  There won't be time for you to keep checking your emails, or your Facebook notifications, or any of those other distractions that just waste your precious time.

4/ No important tasks will get forgotten during your busy and productive day.  You can tick them off as you go if you like.

5/ It removes a lot of stress from your brain as it does not have to remember so many things.  As they are scheduled, your brain does not need to remember them in case they are forgotten, which would otherwise cause you stress.

Next, work out the best method to create a schedule that works for you. I use a spreadsheet (Excel, Numbers, or Google sheets will do), putting the days across the top and the times in the left-most column.

Once completed, I prefer to have a printed copy on the desk in front of me to always be reminded of what my tasks are.

Here are some other ideas on how to schedule your time:

Google Calendar.   If you have a Google account, there is a Google calendar you can set up and use.  It has lots of functionality and each activity you set up can have reminders that will also sync with your smartphone.

Computer and smartphone reminders.  Most digital devices have some type of Reminder App that will allow you to be reminded of the tasks as they appear on your schedule.

Whether you are working full time and creating a business in your spare time, or you have a health goal to reach that includes time at the home gym or out walking, or you want to learn a new skill, or whatever it may be, if you do not schedule in the time you will find that there will be many occasions where it just does not get done.

Use these ideas above to plan your day in great detail to ensure that you have the best chance of reaching them.

Empowering you to create your best life,


"Your future is not somewhere you go, it's somewhere you get to CREATE..."

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