Are you ready for a fun challenge to kickstart 2021?

And it will be fun, I promise

Firstly, think of something that you really want to achieve in 2021.

Do not put any limitations on what it is that you desire.  Think big.

Take into consideration why you want to achieve this goal.  Is it for you personally?  Is it for your family?  Or your kids, or your community?

Any negative thoughts you have, ignore them.  That is your ego trying to keep you safe by discouraging you from trying anything new.

Or maybe you have tried the same or similar in the past and not succeeded.  Again, the ego wants to keep you from feeling the pain of disappointment.

Just focus on positivity.  How amazing will you feel when you reach your goal?  How will those around you be impacted?

Is it a health goal?  Or a business goal?  Or some other type of financial goal?  Or is it to contribute to society in some other way.

Maybe it is a matter of survival.  How relieved will you feel when you no longer have that pressure on you every moment of every day.

Possibly it is something that you have always been dreaming about but never had the time to follow through.

OK, got it?  Great .

Now right it down.  Importantly write a statement in a positive emotional uplifting kinda way.

Read it.  Modify it.  Rewrite it, modify it.  Until it feels so great that it gives you goosebumps.

Secondly, and this is just as important, make a list of how you are going to achieve it.

Take on the attitude that it is fully achievable.  It is just a matter of finding out how you can reach that goal.  Nothing is going to stop you.

For every obstacle that you can see, think of a way around it.  For the ones you don't see, don't worry about them, that time will come.

Nothing is going to stop you from achieving this goal.  NOTHING.

Now you have the goal, and the method to reach it.

You have the big why, why you want to reach it, and you have the steps you need to get there.

Of course, it won't go strictly to your plan.  Life never works that way.

But with this positive mindset, you will be able to tackle any bumps or roadblocks that you come across.

You will be amazed at the difference it will make by approaching this process with a super-positive attitude.

When things go wrong, and they will from time to time, accept them as a learning experience, and try again taking into account what you learned from the first attempt.

Your future is waiting for you.  Create the best one you can for yourself and your family.

And take on 2021 with the real intention to make it your best year yet.

Empowering you to create your best life,


"Your future is not somewhere you go, it's somewhere you get to CREATE..."

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