In this blog, I will look at steps you can take to improve your online presence to ensure that you stand out from the crowd.

I have always believed that it is crucial to do something that you love but that could mean that there is a lot of competition from others with the same passion as you.

So what can you do to ensure that you have the edge?  That edge could be the difference between having a successful business and a failed one.

Having your business focussed on what you really enjoy is crucial.  Without that extra drive, you may find that you give up before success comes your way.

Getting a business off the ground will have its challenges so anything you can do to swing the odds in your favour will make all the difference.

So, let's now look at ways to give you that edge over existing solutions that are already established online:

The first major advantage you have over the competition is 'you'.

You are unique.  You have a unique perspective on life and your life experiences are unlike anyone else's.

Do not be afraid to bring out your personality.  Be decisive in your opinions.  It is even an advantage to be polarising.

Sure, there may be some people that have different opinions to you and they will scurry off and find someone else to follow.  But those that resonate with you and your message will love you even more.

These followers will be more loyal to you and more willing to watch your videos, read your content and buy your products and services.

If your topic is not very specific, niche down.  The more targeted the solutions that you provide are, the better quality of help and guidance you will be able to offer your audience.

Yes, the potential audience will be smaller, but it is more important to be noticed and provide amazing solutions to a smaller audience than to be a small fish in a big pond and never be seen.

For a successful business, say you want to turn over $1million.  You can either receive $1 from 1 million people, or $1,000 from 1,000 people.  Getting an audience of 1,000 die-hard fans will be much easier.  And if you are offering a targeted solution for a very specific issue, they will gladly part with $1,000 to solve their problem.

It's all about them.  Your area of expertise and your content may be something that you really enjoy.  But ensure that you approach it from their point of view.

The first time that a prospective customer finds you, the last thing they want is to hear all about you and your life story, the problems you had, and how you are now living a wonderful life.

The first consideration they will have is how your website, your blog or your video is going to benefit them.  So make sure that you approach your content from how you can help them.

For instance, your website Home page should indicate how your product, your service, or your content will be able to solve their problem.  Similarly with your YouTube intro video.

This also applies to how you present your content in that you do not want to write it about you specifically but about how you are going to help them.

As you give them plenty of value, they will become a fan of yours and then be interested in your story.  But keep that for later, or for them to check out via your Bio or About page.

It is essential that there is a need for your solution or content.  Do not set up a website or start creating content until you have done your research.

Check existing websites and blog comments, check forums, use Google and YouTube search engines, dig deep and ensure as best you can that there is a hungry audience waiting for your content.

An alternative way, if you already have some content online, is to see what your existing customers are asking for.  What issues are they facing that you have not previously considered and can provide a solution for?

Model on the competition.  Spend some time looking at your competition in the same niche that you are in.  Not with the intent of copying, but to see what resonates with you.  You can incorporate these ideas into your website or content.

More importantly, look at areas that you can improve upon.  Or the extra features you can add.  Or extra value you can offer.  Again, be unique and make it reflect your personality.

Give the best value around.  The more value you can offer your audience, the better.  Give them lots of free content where you can.  This will make them loyal followers.

Maybe you can offer some low-cost solutions of under $100.  The more value you can offer, the more they will be willing to invest in higher-cost solutions in the future.

Build rapport and reap the benefit.  By incorporating the ideas above, you will build a devoted following of loyal followers and customers.  They will appreciate all that you do and will become customers for life.

Note that the total revenue received from each customer is known as the Customer Lifetime Value and includes recurring income from subscriptions as well as additional products, services, courses, etc they invest in providing a solution to their problem.

And remember, you only need a thousand happy devoted customers to build a successful business.

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