Reflection is amazing and powerful.  Unfortunately, I do not do this enough during the day. How about you? 

I would like to share 3 powerful statements that I reflect on every morning as a part of my regular morning routine: 

    Today I choose to be happy

    Today I choose to be free

    Today I choose to be me

After all, although we might not be able to totally choose our life situations, we can choose how we deal with those situations.  Let's reflect on each one in turn.

The first one, choosing to be happy, I believe is not that difficult.  However rubbish life may seem, even with the current events (lockdowns and all), 99% of us are lucky enough to be able to feed ourselves and have access to fresh water, clothes and shelter.

Are you happy?  Reflect on my comment above and make that choice to be happy every day.

The second one, choosing to be free can be more of a challenge, especially with the current events!  But if you are not free because you are trapped in a job you don't like, or you are struggling with a lack of money (money can't buy happiness but it sure does give you a lot more options), then I believe that you do have choices.

I decided over 3 years ago that I was not happy with my career, and it was not likely to improve if I didn't take any action.  So I chose to reeducate myself by learning a new range of digital skills that would allow me to have choices in the future.

Of course, little did I know that my world would implode mid-2020 when I would get laid off due to some global crisis, but I did invest in myself by joining the Mentors program (SFM as it was then), and dedicate time almost every day to learning these new skills.

Now, when I reflect on that statement (choosing to be free), I am extremely grateful that I do have options, and I am free from those chains.  Because I am doing what I love and helping others too.

Are you free?  If not, why not?  What can you do to create more freedom in your life? Think of an action step you can take right now that will move you closer to being free.

Choosing to be me is a bit of a head spin.  Who really are you?  Before being influenced by your family?  Before being influenced by school, by society, and by your life's circumstances?

I believe that, as humans, we are social beings that are happiest when we are serving others.  Giving others guidance.  Giving others empowerment.  Giving others fulfilment. That is why I love what I do.

Whether it is through my passion to help others move towards a career that they really enjoy and break free from the rat-race.

Or whether it is through my passion to help parents empower their kids through the best education so that their kids can live a fulfilled life.

By it not being about me, but about helping others.  That is another reason why I love the community here at Mentors.  We are all there to help each other succeed.

Who is the real you?  This may be best answered through meditation.  But also think, what is it that makes you happy.  If you had no money worries and could do whatever you wanted for a career, what would you choose to do that would give you the most fulfilment?

Would you be an artist and share your talents with the world?  Would you offer your expertise to assist others?  Do you have a hobby that you are really passionate about that you would like to share?

Everyone has something.  What is your gift?

So I urge you to reflect on these 3 statements and see how you can move closer to being happy, being free, and being you.

A big challenge I'm sure you will agree, but one well worth taking on, one step at a time😁

Empowering you to create your best life,


"Your future is not somewhere you go, it's somewhere you get to CREATE..."

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